Question: Who took over blind date?

In February 2017, it was announced that Blind Date would be returning but would now be aired on Channel 5 fourteen years after being cancelled. On 16 March 2017, Paul OGrady was announced as the shows new presenter and Melanie Sykes provides the voiceover.

Who hosted Blind Date in Australia?

Graham Webb hosted the series from its debut to the 28 November 1969 episode. Jeremy Cordeaux hosted the show in 1970.

Who hosted perfect match?

Greg Evans Greg Evans (born 17 April 1953) is an Australian radio and television presenter, currently based in Melbourne. He is also a popular marriage celebrant, continuing on from his hosting of the matchmaking television game show, Perfect Match Australia in the 1980s....Greg Evans (television host)Greg EvansKnown forPerfect Match 3AW radio2 more rows

How old is Greg Evans wife Sue?

44-year-old Sue has learned to love her husbands passion for caravanning! and their 44-year-old marriage is still going strong. Greg met the love of his life in the mid-70s...

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