Question: What happened to Jocelyn from clevver?

After Hearst bought Clevver in February, Davis inked a limited contract to work five days over a three-month period. Now shes focused full-time on Shared Media. She didnt rule out future appearances with Hearst-owned Clevver and added, “Regardless, Im going to be the biggest cheerleader of the Clevver brand.

Where did Joslyn Davis go to college?

University of California Irvine Downey High School Joslyn Davis/Education

How old is Joslyn Davis?

39 years (April 25, 1982) Joslyn Davis/Age

Is Joslyn Davis still at clevver?

More videos on YouTube With the launch of Shared, Davis and Marston are formally moving on from Clevver — though they may return for appearances from time to time.

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