Question: Is Christian Mingle a good dating site?

Many singles have found lifelong partnerships on Christian Mingle. Although matches arent guaranteed, Christian Mingle is consistently reviewed as a high-quality dating site for Christian singles. And with more than 15 million users, Christian Mingle gives you a larger pool to choose from than many other dating sites.

How successful is Christian Mingle?

29% of Christian marriages that began online started on Christian Mingle. Christian Mingle members have a higher chance of meeting and marrying someone than those on other dating sites mentioned in the survey: 71% vs. 50%. Over 80% of Christian Mingle members would recommend the service to a friend.

Can you message for free on Christian Mingle?

With Messaging+ you get a simplified and integrated messaging experience: Communicate with any member on Christian Mingle, regardless of their subscription status. Enjoy personalized conversations with free and subscribing members because of your subscription status. Send unlimited messages.

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