Question: Are anonymous chats really anonymous?

There is no guarantee that your information will ever be exposed by an anonymous chat app, but there is also clearly no guarantee that it will not. If you want your secrets safe, the best policy may still to keep them to yourself.

Is Antichat safe?

Under no circumstances should a child be allowed to use Antichat or any anonymous chatroom app. Parents should lock the app store through your childs devices parental control. If you child can freely download apps from the app store, then they may download dangerous apps like Antichat without your knowledge.

Can a computer be traced?

An IP address can also identify your computer if someone steals it. There are several software programs that detect when the thief has used your computer to go online, but tracking the computer over the Internet is easier than finding the computers real-world location.

Can police track stolen laptops?

Police track laptops through the installation of hardware or software that will help identify and locate the laptop if it is stolen. These components, which might include GPS tracking chips or monitoring software, are installed on the laptop before purchase.

Can your computer be traced from public wifi?

Online, it is unlikely it could be tracked any further to the router he is connected to. However, there are many offline techniques that should be considered. For example, it may be possible to use other security such as CCTV to link someone to being at a certain place at a time.

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