Question: Is there a strip in Ibiza Town?

Where is the strip in Ibiza?

Where is the Ibiza Strip? The west end strip in Ibiza is located in the San Antonia area of Ibiza. It is about 30 minutes. There are taxis outside the airport and if you are in a group you can share the cost.

Does Ibiza have a strip?

San Antonio, on the west coast of Ibiza, is home to the world famous sunset strip and its cafés, as well as having a broad beach and very lively town centre with lots of bars and smaller nightclubs. Daytime open-air clubbing around the pool can be experienced at the beach club O Beach Ibiza or at Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

What part of Ibiza has the best nightlife?

Playa d´en Bossa, best place to stay in Ibiza for nightlife. This is the best of the areas to stay in Ibiza for those who like to party hard. Playa d´en Bossa lies a quick drive to the south of the Town of Ibiza.

Does Ibiza Town have a beach?

What are the best places for beaches in Ibiza Town? Playa de Ses Salines. Cala den Serra Beach. Platja Des Cavallet.

Where do all the celebrities stay in Ibiza?

The Top Celebrity Hangouts in IbizaBlue Marlin. Perhaps the most famous celebrity hotspot, the legendary Blue Marlin has an impressive client list. Pikes Hotel. Es Cavallet – El Chiringuito. Cipriani – Downtown Ibiza. Nikki Beach. Benirras Beach.20 Mar 2014

Where can I see celebrities in Ibiza?

There are a few star sighting hotspots on the island, such as the stunning beaches of Ses Salines and Cala Jondal, exclusive beach clubs like Nikki Beach, Beso in Formentera or Blue Marlin and trendy restaurants like Ciprianis Downtown Ibiza, where Orlando Bloom infamously tried to punch Justin Bieber while Leonardo ...

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