Question: What makes a woman high quality?

High-quality women know how to control their emotions and are not ashamed of the way they feel. They can laugh, cry, yell, celebrate, share, and be happy without the worry of being judged or ridiculed. She expresses how she feels and wont be afraid to let you know about it.

How do you know if a girl is ditching you?

Read on for the 8 signs a date is trying to ditch.#1 Shes Claiming A Curfew. “I cant stay for long. #2 She Uses A Lifeline. #3 She Fakes An Illness. #4 She Disagrees With Everything You Say. #5 She Brings A Friend. #6 Shes Knocking Back The Booze. #7 Her Body Language Is Off. #8 Shes Honest.18 Feb 2016

What is a quality lady?

A quality woman celebrates the good things that happen to other people. She doesnt get caught up in wondering why something good didnt happen to her instead. 3. She loves people for who they are NOW. There arent conditions on her love.

What to do if a girl ditches you?

Heres your plan of action when youre given the shaft.Wait till the night is over to talk to her. Resist the urge to send her a scathing text message at 3 AM scolding her for leaving you high and dry. Consider the situation. Talk in person. Let her know it can never happen again. Get past it.

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