Question: Who are ENFJs attracted to?

ENFJs are also attracted to confident people, someone who can hold themselves with a sense of sureness. Witnessing this type of strong and often mysterious demeanor is likely to be very attractive to the ENFJ.

Are ENFJs attracted to INFPs?

The INFP is attracted to the ENFJs energy, optimism, and positive attitude while the ENFJ is drawn to the INFPs deep and thoughtful nature. Both types are honest and are likely to do all the right things to fall in love with each other.

Are ENFJs attracted to INTPs?

INTPs are often attracted to ENFJs• warmrh, optimism, and enthusiasm for life. For their part, ENFjs help TNTPs become more aware of their feelings and more willing to express them,

What do ENFJs hate the most?

ENFJs simply despise betrayal, and will become very upset if their friends will not believe them when they explain that someone is not a good person. If they have to pretend at all, the ENFJ will be very unhappy.

How do you impress an ENFJ?

ENFJs are often immensely attracted to talent in all forms, no matter what the talent is. Someone who has some sort of impressive skill is likely to be very appealing to the ENFJ. They are excited to see the talent in others, especially when it is something they might not have expected.

What are ENFJs like in love?

ENFJs are energetic, compassionate and make wonderful partners. They value their love relationships highly, seeking to have long-term committed ones over short term flings. ENFJs put their partners before themselves. They will go all out to meet their partners emotional and practical needs.

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