Question: Is Lamu safe for tourists?

Although Lamu Island itself is a very safe place, local people have suffered due to events in the region. For this reason, tourists are welcomed with open arms. While you may feel under pressure to spend while you are there, at least you will know you are supporting the local economy.

Lamu Island, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2001 and a centre of Swahili and Islamic culture for over 700 years, is the most popular and most developed of the islands and its hotels have gained a well-deserved reputation for delivering a superb barefoot luxury experience.

What are the human attractions of Lamu?

15 Attractions & Places to visit in LamuLamu Museum. Discover the islands history at the Lamu Museum. Takwa Ruins. Takwa ruins are the remains of a thriving 15th and 16th century Swahili trading town… Tusitiri Dhow. The Fort of Shela. Shella Village. Dodori National Reserve. Kiunga Marine National Reserve. Lamu Fort.

Where is Lamu Island Kenya?

Lamu Island is a port, city, and island just off the shore of Kenya in the Indian Ocean approximately 150 miles from Mombasa. It is a part of the East African country of Kenya. Lamu was founded in the 12th Century.

What is Lamu known for?

Lamu Old Town is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, retaining its traditional functions. Lamu has hosted major Muslim religious festivals since the 19th century, and has become a significant centre for the study of Islamic and Swahili cultures. ...

When should I go to Lamu?

Lamu Island is a fabulous place to visit any time of year, but for the unsurpassed seaside vacation on the Indian Ocean, we recommend that you visit during the two dry seasons that begins in July and ends in October and also January through February.

Are there cars on Lamu?

Lamu island, off coast of Kenya, has lots of history but no cars for visitors. Instead of cars, locals rely on donkeys for transport on the land, and dhows to travel throughout the archipelago. One of the most powerful Swahili city states, Pate Island was an early settlement with strong connections to the Far East.

Why is Lamu Old town worth preserving?

Lamu Old Town This site is worth preserving because the architecturally structured Old Town Lamu shows the cultural influences that have come together and intertwined throughout 700 years from Europe, Arabia, and India while at the same.

What is unusual about Lamu Island?

Founded in the 14th century, Lamu is the best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. Over the centuries, the island has been inhabited by Asians, Persians, Indians, Europeans and Kenyans, and as a result it has a unique charm of blended cultures.

How big is Lamu?

6 ,474 square kilometres At a glance... Lamu Island. Size 6 ,474 square kilometres which includes over 65 Islands that forms the Lamu Archipelago.

Why are there no cars in Lamu?

Rahama Rashid, a correspondent from Lamu, told that the buildings are built so close together that three is literally no space for cars. To protect the rich culture and architecture, it is unlawful to demolish buildings to expand the roads.

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