Question: How many villages are in Oko?

How many villages are in Awka Anambra State?

33 villages Awka town is the capital of Anambra State of Nigeria. Awka has 33 villages and in 1980, the population of the town was 80,000.

Does Oko write post UTME?

Federal Polytechnic Oko Post UTME Screening Eligibility : The federal polytechnic Oko accept both first and second choice candidates, you are free to come for the post UTME screening exercise as long as you chose the institution as your choice.

How much is Oko school fees?

The Federal Polytechnic Oko school fees for fresh and returning students 2021/2022 academic session has been approved by the management of the institution....Federal Polytechnic Oko Tuition Fee for Freshers and Continuing Students 2021/2022 Academic Session.ND1 REGULAR 1 & 2 PROGRAMME36,500ACCEPTANCE FEE15,1504 more rows

Is Oko Poly still selling form?

Sales of online application forms is still on. All applicants must ensure to complete application forms before this deadline as the Portal will close any moment from now.

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