Question: How old is Lord Huron?

MTV News recently caught up with the 31-year-old Michigan native, who dreamt up the elaborate fictional worlds that inspire Lord Hurons debut album, Lonesome Dreams, and its brand-new follow-up, Strange Trails.

How did Lord Huron get its name?

Lord Hurons name was inspired by Lake Huron, which Ben Schneider grew up visiting, according to the bands page. As of 3 p.m., the band had not responded on Facebook or Twitter to the recognition it has received from Obama.

Who makes up Lord Huron?

Ben Schneider Miguel BriseñoTom RenaudMark Barry Lord Huron/Members

When was Lord Huron formed?

2010 Lord Huron/Active from Lord Huron formed in 2010 in Los Angeles, after founding member Ben Schneider moved from Michigan to France then to New York and on to LA. The name pays tribute to Lake Huron, a family vacation spot for Schneider. Initially a solo project, Schneider recorded many of the first songs during a trip back to Michigan.

Is Lord Huron Native American?

A native of Okemos, Michigan, Schneider initially pursued a career in the visual arts, heading from college in Ann Arbor to New York and eventually to L.A. Originally conceived as a solo project, he began recording as Lord Huron in the spring of 2010 on a trip home to Michigan, recording a handful of songs inspired by ...

How did Lord Huron become famous?

Led by Michigan native Ben Schneider, the Los Angeles-based Lord Huron -- who take their name from one of the five Great Lakes -- found mainstream success in 2014 with the release of their lush, Western-inspired second album, Strange Trails, whose closing track, The Night We Met, reached an even larger audience in ...

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