Question: What is a Keep It Local Card?

The Keep it LOCAL card is a Loyalty Card for Dorset + Hampshires independent businesses. Weve created it to shine a light on Makers + Independent Businesses who are purposely choosing to run business in a sustainable, kinder way to the world.

How does keeping it local work?

Keeping It Local: How it works Register for the dollar amount you want to spend up to $100. A voucher will be emailed to you. The voucher has no value until redeemed at the restaurant. Present the voucher with the unique identifier to a participating restaurant and pay the face value on the voucher.

What is keep local?

BUY A CARD - Keep It Local Cards help you discover the best local spots in town by rewarding you with discounts and incentives at locally-owned and locally-loved businesses across the state of Oklahoma. They are available at Participating Locations and Online for only 15 bucks!

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