Question: Is polyamory socially acceptable?

Are Polyamory relationships considered deviant in society?

This article identifies types of consensual non-monogamies (CNM) and contrasts them with cheating. Because these are common in other relationships as well, these apparent reasons are not the actual reasons for the stigma and deviance. ...

Is it bad to be non monogamous?

Although this experience may feel confusing, its not necessarily a bad thing. Ethical non-monogamy leans into our ability to be attracted to multiple people at once. Its about embracing that and navigating it in a respectful, healthy way. It is possible to have a healthy relationship that is not monogamous.

Is non monogamous normal?

These relationships are more common than you likely think. Research shows something like 5% of Americans are involved in this type of arrangement at any given time and about one in five has engaged in some form of consensual non-monogamy in their lifetime.

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