Question: What is the deadline for getting the REAL ID?

Starting on May 3, 2023, people who want to fly from state to state will be required to show the new “Real ID” drivers license, aka Compliant Card, or another federally-approved form of identification such as a passport.

What is the deadline for True ID?

May 3, 2023 The deadline for Americans to obtain a REAL ID card has been pushed back once again due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Homeland Security announced on Tuesday. The new enforcement date is now May 3, 2023.

What is the deadline for a REAL ID in California?

May 3, 2023 This means you will not be able to use it to board flights within the U.S. or visit secure federal facilities such as military bases, federal courthouses, or other federal buildings after the new May 3, 2023 deadline.

Is REAL ID extended?

WASHINGTON – Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas announced the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is extending the REAL ID full enforcement date by 19 months, from October 1, 2021 to May 3, 2023, due to circumstances resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Can you get on a plane without an ID?

You may still fly on US domestic flights, provided that you go through additional identity and security screening at the TSA security checkpoint. So the bottom line is yes, you can fly domestically without a drivers license, or other government-issued photo ID if either was lost or stolen.

Do you get your California ID the same day?

Same-Day Drivers Licenses in California If you have already have a drivers license from another state, you should be able to get your California license in one day. As long as you have your old license with you, you should be able to complete the following in one visit to the DMV: Present all identification.

How much does a Real ID cost in CA?

The DMV has posted a list of documents that Real ID applicants may use. Typically, the cost is the same as for a regular California drivers license, $38. The cost is $33 for state ID cards.

What is required to get a Real ID?

To get a Real ID, you need to present documents to your DMV proving your age and identity, Social Security number and address. That generally means bringing a birth certificate or passport, a Social Security card or tax form such as a W-2, and two proofs of address.

What do you need to get a temporary ID?

Gather the necessary support documents which typically include proof of identity, citizenship, and residency. Examples of proof of identity and citizenship include an original or certified copy of your birth certificate issued in the United States, your Social Security card or a valid passport.

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