Question: Who is Conchita Wurst husband?

Neuwirth created a fictional back story for the Conchita character, claiming that she was born in the mountains of Colombia and is married to the French burlesque dancer Jacques Patriaque, a real individual who is a friend of Neuwirths.

Whats happened to John Newman?

Newman, originally from Settle in North Yorkshire, has twice been diagnosed with brain tumours and underwent surgery in 2012 and 2016. After a break from the music industry hes embarked on a campervan tour of the UKs smaller venues, and describes it as a form of therapy.

Did Russell Watson have a brain tumour?

In 2007, Russell suffered from a second pituitary tumour. His tumour had grown back and another MRI scan revealed there was bleeding into his brain. The star was forced to undergo emergency surgery.

How old is the singer John Newman?

31 years (June 16, 1990) John Newman/Age

Did James Newman have a brain tumour?

The first time, he had the benign tumour removed, but, sadly, it has come back again. Whilst the tumour is benign, doctors have found a few cancerous cells, and consequently Newman will soon be taking time off his music career for treatment.

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