Question: Do you need to watch Alien before aliens?

The Alien franchise is essentially made up of two separate series — the original films and the prequels. If youre hesitant to get into the Alien franchise, I suggest ditching the timeline and starting with Alien. Fall in love with Ripley and her world, and then you can work your way back to the beginning.

Is aliens a sequel to Alien?

Aliens Alien/Sequels

What order should I watch Alien?

Alien Films in Order of ReleaseAlien - June 22, 1979.Aliens - July 18, 1986.Alien 3 - May 22, 1992.Alien: Resurrection - November 26, 1997.AVP: Alien vs Predator - August 13, 2004.Aliens vs Predator - Requiem - December 25, 2007.Prometheus - June 8, 2012.Alien: Covenant - May 19, 2017.Aug 7, 2021

Is alien Covenant a prequel to Alien?

Prometheus Alien: Covenant/Prequels 2017s Alien: Covenant may not have been the franchises most financially successful outing, but the 2017 movie is a stronger Alien prequel than its predecessor, 2012s Prometheus.

Is Alien and Aliens the same?

Aliens is now considered to be among the greatest films of the 1980s, one of the best science-fiction or action films ever made, and one of the best sequels ever made. It has been called equal to (or better than) Alien.

Why is there no Alien 2?

The original Alien still made hundreds of millions at the box office on a meager budget of approximately $10 million, but due to extensive marketing costs, the film didnt actually bring in much of a profit and there was no rush to move forward with a sequel.

What came first Alien or predator?

Now, there are 12 movies in total to watch - if you feel like revisiting whats known as the Alien Universe - the oldest of which is Ridley Scotts 1979 classic Alien, set in 2122. However, the earliest film, chronologically, is the first Predator, set the year it premiered: 1987.

What happens at the end of Aliens?

In the end, Ripley does manage to blast the xenomorph into space with the exhaust from her escape shuttle. But its not really a moment of triumph, because Ripleys entire ordeal probably could have been avoided. It all goes back to the reason why the crew of the Nostromo encountered the xenomorph in the first place.

How old is Carrie Henn now?

45 years (May 7, 1976) Carrie Henn/Age

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