Question: What is the most effective password cracker?

Which is the best password cracker?

Here is the list of 11 most popular Password Cracking Tools:Aircrack.RainbowCrack.THC Hydra.Cain and Abel.Medusa.John The Ripper.ophCrack.WFuzz.

What is the most effective countermeasure to password cracking?

Enforcing Windows complex passwords is an effective countermeasure.

What method would a hacker use to break a password?

Brute Force Attack 1. Brute Force Attack. In a brute-force attack, the attacker tries to crack the password by submitting various combinations until the correct one is found. The attacker uses software to make this process automated and run exhaustive combinations of passwords in significantly less amount of time.

What may not crack passwords?

Adopt passphrases as a standard. Some password policies require users to create a passphrase as opposed to a password. While passphrases serve the same purpose, they are usually harder to crack due to their length. An effective passphrase should include numbers and symbols as well as letters.

What countermeasure is used to stop the password cracking process?

Here are some other password-hacking countermeasures: Enable security auditing to help monitor and track password attacks. Test your applications to make sure they arent storing passwords indefinitely in memory or writing them to disk. A good tool for this is WinHex.

What is the strongest authentication method?

Token, key, and certificate authentication represent some of the strongest user authentication methods that are typically a part of a multi factor protocol.

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