Question: Does Cinderpelt have crush on fireheart?

I was wondering, did Cinderpelt ever have feelings for Fireheart/Firestar? Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes! Cinderpelt was very much in love with Firestar, but she knew nothing could ever happen because (a) shes a medicine cat, so forbidden to have relationship, and (b) Firestar is Sandstorms mate.

Did Cinderpelt have a mate?

She was born to Sorreltail and Brackenfur at the exact moment Cinderpelt died at the claws of a badger, and named after the medicine cat who sacrificed herself for Sorreltail and her kits. Finally, Cinderpelts spirit left to StarClan and she became mates with Lionblaze.

Who has a crush on Firestar?

Spottedleaf was Firestars first love. He had a crush on her when he first came to ThunderClan, and grieved when she died. Spottedleaf continued to help him with whatever information StarClan gave her. She started to help his daughter Leafpool and his grandson, Jayfeather.

Who does Fireheart fall in love with?

Firestar told Sandstorm that he loved her in A Dangerous Path. When Firestar earned his nine lives Spottedleaf had given him the gift of love and told him to use it well on Sandstorm.

Who killed Lionblaze?

He grows angered when he discovers he can get injured, such as tripping over roots. Cinderheart festers over him, though Dovewing insists he is still the strongest and bravest warrior in ThunderClan. When a fox attacks the patrol, Lionblaze kills it.

Does Fireheart have a crush on Spottedleaf?

When Firestar first came to the clan, he seemed to have quite a crush on Spottedleaf even though she was a medicine cat. Spottedleaf says that she had loved Firestar but he deserved someone he could actually be with (Sandstorm). Spottedleaf gave Firestar one of his nine lives, the gift of love.

Is Sandpaw in love with fireheart?

When Fireheart is forced to take Sandpaw on a patrol mission, she is unexpectedly friendly and cheerful toward him. Over the course of the series it becomes obvious that Sandstorm has fallen in love with Fireheart (revealed in Rising Storm by her cousin Cinderpelt), and by The Darkest Hour the two have become mates.

What was Cinderpelts last word?

StarClan The last words that Cinderpelt spoke were, StarClan is calling for me. Goodbye, Leafpool. Slightly amusing, seeing as StarClan was only calling her to send her right back, and she wasnt really leaving Leafpool in the first place.

How many times has Heavystep died?

Heavystep has died twice; once in Sunset and once between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice.

Is Fernsong a boy or girl?

First of all, Fernsong may not have been a very major character, but from what weve seen, hes a good boy.

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