Question: What is the opposite of a gold digger?

Opposite of one who seeks relationships for money. idealist. romantic. true love.

Whats the opposite of gold digger?

coal digger : the opposite of golddigger; a woman or man who deliberately selects partners whose attractiveness lies in the fact that they are a financial liability.

What is the opposite of digger?

“You jump when the general tells you to jump.”...What is the opposite of digger?fillerpackerpackagerloader4 more rows

What is a synonym for gold digger?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gold-digger, like: bloodsucker, exploiter; gold miner, parasite, sponge, forty-niner, opportunist, leech, mineworker, gold miner, user and gold panner.

What is a female gold digger?

A gold digger is a term for a person, typically a woman, who engages in a type of transactional relationship for money rather than love. If it turns into marriage, it is a type of marriage of convenience.

Whats another word for digger?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for digger, like: miner, mole, spade, power shovel, excavator, shovel, dumper, jcbs, earthmovers and digging.

What word rhymes with digger?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriestriggers100Verb, Nounrigors100Nounriggers100Nounbiggers100Noun96 more rows

How would you describe a gold digger?

a person who seeks or digs for gold in a gold field. Informal. a woman who associates with or marries a man chiefly for material gain.

Is my girlfriend gold digger?

The gold digger can be defined as a woman whose main reason for hooking up is so that she can gain material benefits from the latest sponge shes dating. Here are 10 signs that your girlfriend is much more interested in spending quality time with your wallet than with you.

How can you tell if hes a gold digger?

10 Foolproof Ways To Tell If Hes A Male Gold DiggerHe Has No Job and Isnt Interested in Finding One. He Experiences Constant Emergencies. He Has No Ambition. He Encourages You to Buy Things For “Us” He Asks Too Many Questions About Your Familys Financial Background. He Does a Sudden 180. •Jun 2, 2017

How much older is Claire than Gloria?

These two characters are around the same age, with Claire Dunphy reportedly being born on March 3, 1972, according to Modern Family fandom. However, during the “After the Fire” episode, fans learned that Gloria is actually 14 months younger than her step-daughter.

Is Gloria younger than Claire?

Trivia. She along with Jay, Phil, Claire, Mitch, and Cam are the only characters who have appeared in every episode. She is 14 months younger than Claire (After the Fire).

What do you mean by a gold digger?

gold-digger. noun. a person who prospects or digs for gold. informal a woman who uses her sexual attractions to accumulate gifts and wealth or advance her social position.

What does the term digger mean?

Australian soldier The term digger is generally accepted as slang for an Australian soldier, and the myth is that it came from Australians digging trenches at Gallipoli. Soon all New Zealand soldiers began to use the term digger to describe themselves - before it was adopted by Australian troops.

What is the place where the diggers met?

Digger, any of a group of agrarian communists who flourished in England in 1649–50 and were led by Gerrard Winstanley (q.v.) and William Everard. In April 1649 about 20 poor men assembled at St. Georges Hill, Surrey, and began to cultivate the common land.

Are Sugar Babies gold diggers?

Why Sugar Babies and Gold Diggers ARE the Same The argument that they are the same is a simple and straightforward one. A gold digger is a girl that spends time with a man to get his money. A sugar babie is a girl that spends time with a man to get his money.

Why is my girlfriend a gold digger?

A gold digger is a loose term used for someone (mostly women) who have vested interests in dating you or being with you because all she wants is your money or for you to spend it on her.

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