Question: Can you feel NuvaRing?

Although some women may be aware of NuvaRing in the vagina, most women cant feel NuvaRing once its in place. NuvaRing may move around slightly within your vagina. This is normal. If you do feel discomfort, NuvaRing is probably not fully inserted.

How do I know if I inserted my NuvaRing correctly?

Dont worry about the exact placement of the ring in your vagina — if you cant feel it when youre walking around, its in correctly. If the ring feels uncomfortable, try pushing it in deeper or moving it around in your vagina with your finger. The ring cant get lost in your vagina or be in too deep.

Do you get your period on the NuvaRing?

When you use NuvaRing you may have bleeding and spotting between periods, called unplanned bleeding. Unplanned bleeding may vary from slight staining between menstrual periods to breakthrough bleeding, which is a flow much like a regular period.

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