Question: What happened to all the Lombax?

The lombaxes were once revered as heroes after defeating the cragmites in the Great War. However, a surviving cragmite, Emperor Tachyon, has since banished them from the universe. It is now thought to be a mostly extinct race, and the only lombaxes seen in the series are Ratchet, Angela Cross, and Alister Azimuth.

What happened to Angela Cross?

Later, Emperor Tachyon hunted for Angela Cross around the time he came into power. She fled with the help of Max Apogee, and was last seen fleeing the Cerullean Sector in the Polaris Galaxy in Max Apogees starship. Angela has not been seen since.

Why did the Lombaxes leave?

In order to end the Great War for good, the Lombaxes assembled 8 of the greatest minds they had and created the Dimensionator, a device capable of sending the Cragmites to another dimension. The Cragmites were banished from Polaris and their empire finally fell, leaving their home planet of Reepor a dormant wasteland.

Does ratchet find Lombaxes?

When Tachyon returns in Tools of Destruction, Ratchet finds the Dimensionator and learns the truth about the lombaxes fate and his family history. In the ensuing battle with Tachyon, the Dimensionator is destroyed and with it any hope that Ratchet will be able to find the surviving lombaxes.

Will Ratchet end up with Rivet?

Rivet and Kit are hailed as heroes. The pair is eager to return to their home dimension, but Ratchet suggests that they make a “pit stop” first. Ratchet has somehow regularly avoided entering it for the last decade, but this scene hints hes finally making the jump to the Lombax dimension with Rivet by his side.

Is rivet actually Ratchet?

Rivet is a Ratchet without a Clank - shes a brilliant character who often steals the show from the titular star, but its easy to view her through a Ratchet lens. With Kit though, aside from both of them being little robot assistants, its difficult to see Kit through the lens of Clank.

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