Question: Why did Mark Wakefield leave Linkin Park?

Mark Wakefield is the manager for the band Taproot and is the former singer of Xero, the band that would eventually become Linkin Park. The lack of success and stalemate in progress prompted Wakefield, at that time the bands vocalist, to leave the band in search of other projects.

Was Linkin Park a manufactured band?

This quickly earned Linkin Park the reputation of being a manufactured boy band, which Linkin Park tried to fight by telling the press in detail how they were making the music. Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson would join in to help manage it.

How much does Linkin Park charge for a show?

Typically, Linkin Park tickets can be found for as low as $73.00, with an average price of $122.00.

How did Linkin Park get famous?

Formed in 1996, Linkin Park rose to international fame with their debut studio album, Hybrid Theory (2000), which became certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). By the end of the decade, Linkin Park was among the most successful and popular rock acts.

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