Question: Which is more 1 cm or 1 inch?

When converting from a smaller to a larger unit, you will always have fewer of the larger units. A centimeter is smaller than an inch, so a given length will have more centimeters than inches.

How many cm is 6fr?

Feet to Centimeters (ft to cm) ConversionFeet InchesCentimeters6 feet 5 inches195.586 feet 6 inches198.126 feet 7 inches200.666 feet 8 inches203.2029 more rows•20 Apr 2020

How many cm is 5fr?

Conversion ChartFeet and InchesCentimeters5 feet 4 inches162.56 cm5 feet 5 inches165.1 cm5 feet 6 inches167.64 cm5 feet 7 inches170.18 cm68 more rows

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