Question: Where is my Google Chat app?

To open the app from Google Chrome, in the address bar, enter chrome://apps and click Google Chat. On a Chromebook, you can find the app from the Launcher .

How do I open the Google chat app?

Besides having dedicated apps for Android and iOS, Google Chat is also integrated with Gmail like Google Meet. You can access all your chats right in Gmail through the chats tab at the bottom left. One can enable or disable Google Chat in Gmail by heading to Settings > See all Settings > Chat and Meet.

How do I download the Google chat app?

Heres how you can install Google Chat app:Sign in to any of these methods to install the app on your computer: If the app isnt already installed, a pop-up window opens and lets you download the app. In the top right of Google Chrome, click More -> Install Hangouts Chat.May 28, 2020

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