Question: What does doch stand for?

Doch to mean “Actually”, “After all”, “And yet”, or “but” One of the tempting mis-translations of doch in German is “but”. Its so much more than that! Similar to the above example of countering a negative, you use doch to make a statement that refutes an assumption.

What does doch mean in German Reddit?

Doch has two meanings: Yes after a negated question. Note that in English, yes after negated questions means you disagree with the premise of the question. Ja cant be used that way. So when you answer to hast du keinen Hunger? both ja and nein mean youre not hungry, but doch means you are.

Where do you put the doch?

Doch is the proper answer to counter a negative statement with the positive opposite as in “No, not – Yes, too.” “Nein. - Doch.”. Doch can furthermore be used whenever you state something and the statement is the opposite of what has been thought of or stated before … BY YOU.

How do you use doch mal?

You use doch to convey mood or emphasis. It has no specific grammatical purpose, but the feeling of a sentence changes when you add or remove it. Because doch has no specific meaning that can be translated to an English word, you have to learn it in context, through examples.

How do you use doch and Noch?

Noch mal means again or one more time. Komm noch mal! means Come again! Doch and mal modify the sentence and specify intentions and circumstances. “Du hast doch keine Ahnung.

What is the meaning of doch mal?

Mal is short for einmal. Doch has the connotation of excitement here. Unexpectedly a beautiful photo emerges. Both together indicate This is a good photo (after a lot of bad or not so good ones.) Similar to endlich mal (This is, finally, a good photo.)

What does it mean to dodge someone?

: to move quickly in order to avoid being hit, seen, stopped, etc. : to get away from or avoid (someone or something) in a skillful or dishonest way.

What does Dodge mean in British slang?

British Dictionary definitions for dodge dodge. / (dɒdʒ) / verb. to avoid or attempt to avoid (a blow, discovery, etc), as by moving suddenly.

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