Question: Could Captain America beat Loki?

Captain America is one of the Avengers greatest leaders and as such, hes faced down Loki many times. While he wasnt around for the teams first battle against Loki— he wasnt thawed out until The Avengers #4— he did lead the team against Loki many times after that and in all of those times, hes never lost to Loki.

Is Loki more powerful than Captain America?

How strong is Loki? Lets talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Loki. He possesses the powerful alien physiology of the giants, combined with his own Asgardian magic. Notably, he is far stronger than an average human and has been seen going toe-to-toe with super soldiers like Captain America.

Could Captain America beat Thor?

Assuming the reason for their battle is Thor because is possessed or tricked, Cap would be able to use Mjolnir against him. Captain America, armed with the greatest weapon in the Marvel Universe, is an almost unstoppable foe and one that could easily best and unarmed Thor.

Why did Captain America lose Loki?

Even when Loki was being smashed around by Hulk, he was still conscious and had only superficial wounds. If the same happened to Cap, he would be jelly. Cap lost their first fight because Loki is a god while Cap is not. Its simple as that.

How old would Peggy Carter be in 1970?

During this time, Peggy is 68 years old and has a wedding ring on her left hand. During Endgame, Steve and Tony go back to 1970 in New Jersey to steal the tesseract that was held at SHIELDs military base at Camp Lehigh, the birthplace of Captain America.

Why is Loki so weak in Ragnarok?

Because hed be damned if someone were to control and limit his magic. Hed be damned if control over one more thing was taken away from him. After this build up, it gets a lot easier to explain away why Loki doesnt use it.

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