Question: Which app do Japanese people use?

The instant messaging service LINE was the leading app among smartphone users in Japan in 2020, with an average monthly active reach of 83 percent. The video platform YouTube as well as the Google applications Google App, Google Maps, and Gmail were all used by more than half of smartphone users in Japan.

Does WhatsApp exist in Japan?

LINE in Japan. WhatsApp is only used by foreign tourists.

Is Facebook Big in Japan?

Facebook, the most-used social network in the World, has 2,499 million active users every month. In Japan, accounting for 30% of the total active users, is the leading Business Social Media Platform.

Is WhatsApp famous in Japan?

WhatsApp, ranked 46th and 27th in Japan and South Korea respectively, is not at all popular in these far eastern countries and it seems that it will never be able to break into the market.

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