Question: What is the rarest Challenger?

What is the rarest Dodge car?

With that in mind, here are some of the rarest Dodge models of all time.8 Raider.7 Ram SRT10 Night Runner.6 Lancer.5 La Femme.4 Coronet HEMI 4-Door.3 440 Ramcharger Lightweight.2 70 Super Bee Coupe.1 Charger Daytona. •3 Jul 2020

What is the least expensive Dodge Challenger?

The 2021 Dodge Challenger SXT starts at $28,295, an above-average base price for a sports car. The Challenger GT retails for $31,295. All-wheel-drive versions of both those trims cost an extra $3,000. For $34,995, you can get the V8-powered Challenger R/T.

What is the most expensive challenger?

Challenger Drag Pak Dodge just announced pricing for the 2021 Challenger Drag Pak and at $143,485, not including destination and taxes, its the most expensive vehicle you can buy from the American brand.

Is a 300C a muscle car?

The Fiat-Chrysler Automobile company has released two very respectable sedans under different brands. The Chrysler 300C and the Dodge Charger are some of the best vehicles out there to modify. Some modified Chargers and 300C are among the muscle cars that can challenge any sports cars at any time.

What year did the Challenger come out again?

Adding insult to injury, the Challenger nameplate was resurrected in 1978 with a sad badge-engineered Mitsubishi, but the car was euthanized in 1984.

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