Question: Who directed Equus?

Who wrote the play Equus?

Peter Shaffer Equus/Playwrights British playwright Peter Shaffer, who wrote the plays Equus and Amadeus, has died in Ireland. He was 90 years old. Shaffer was known for complex psychological portraits and for his love of music.

Where was Equus filmed?

Despite being a British and American production set in Hampshire, England, filming took place entirely in and around Ontario, Canada. The scenes in the stable and Alans room were filmed in the Toronto International Film Studio in Kleinburg, while downtown Hampshire was doubled with Georgetown and Halton Hills.

Does Netflix have Equus?

Watch Equus on Netflix Today!

What is the Equus symbol?

Horses Symbol Analysis. The horse is the primary symbol in Equus, and at a glance, it represents everything we might expect a horse to represent: power, freedom, animal desire. Indeed, Alan Strangs worship of the horse-god Equus emphasizes the pure physicality of the horse.

Why does Hyundai Equus have a different logo?

What made it unusual was its square shape, as most winged designs were thin and horizontally long; the Equus logo oddly bore a resemblance to the Romulan logo in Star Trek: Nemesis. While many people mistake the Equus emblem for being a bird, its actually a Pegasus, the mythical winged horse.

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