Question: Where did Garretts popcorn originate?

First Shop The first Garrett Popcorn Shops opened at 10 West Madison in downtown Chicago. Believe it or not, it was started by a female entrepreneur who brought her secret family popcorn recipes for CaramelCrisp®, CheeseCorn, Buttery, and Plain to The Windy City.

Why is Garrett popcorn famous?

The iconic brand has been making gourmet popcorn since 1949 when they opened their first store at 10 West Madison Street. According to Melissa Lawler, a Chicago expat, Its simply the best popcorn in the world. The Garrett Mix is the most addictive thing Ive ever put in my mouth.

How do you store Garrett popcorn?

Store popcorn at room temperature for 1 to 2 weeks. If you havent added salt, butter, or spices to the popcorn, they will keep for at least 1 week. Avoid refrigerating the popcorn as this will bring moisture which can make the popcorn stale.

Where did caramel and cheddar popcorn originate?

Chicago Garrett Popcorn Shops of Chicago, which was founded in 1949 by Claude and Gladys Garrett, are the most well known for this style of popcorn. Their loyal customers have stood in long lines around the shop to buy the caramel crisp and cheese popcorn bags separately and mix them up.

What is the most expensive popcorn in the world?

It is priced at about $250 dollars per tin and its made with real, edible gold. Bercos Popcorn specializes in high-end and creative popcorn, and their Billion Dollar Popcorn might just be the most expensive popcorn in the world.

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