Question: Did Beethoven fall in love Elise?

However, other researchers have suggested Elise could have been a German soprano named Elisabeth Röckel. Röckel played Florestan in Beethovens opera Fidelio, and many sources show that Elisabeth often met with Beethoven, who fell in love with the young woman and wanted to marry her.

Who was Beethovens first love?

Eleonore von Breuning Eleonore von Breuning (1771 - 1841): Beethovens first love.

Is Beethovens bloodline still alive?

Ludwig van Beethoven never got married and did not have children. This way there is no bloodline continuing from the famous composer. In his family seven children were born, but only three survived childhood: Ludwig, Kaspar and Nikolaus. Kaspar died in 1815, Ludwig in 1827 and Nikolaus in 1848.

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