Question: Should I use my real name on Hinge?

Including your last name is entirely up to you, but many Hinge users find that it helps to create a more authentic and more accountable community.

Does Hinge show your full name when you match?

Does Hinge show my show my last name? If you made your account with Facebook, your last name will be added to your profile but only those who you have matched with will see it. Only your first name will be shown in the Discover part of your profile.

Are the profiles on Hinge real?

Most members seem to be authentic and genuine in finding real dates. If there are fake accounts on the app, nonetheless, they were probably made out of boredom and curiosity of what the app is all about. They just dont want to put their face on a dating app, thats why they used fake photos.

Do people actually get matches on Bumble?

It can be a lot of fun to hop on Bumble and start swiping right on profiles of people you think you might like. Unfortunately, if nobody swipes right on your profile, you wont get any matches. Our Bumble Guide Will Have You Meeting New Friends and Partners in No Time!

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