Question: Who married Eragon?

When Eragon returned to the Varden, he happily agreed to marry Roran and Katrina.

Does Eragon marry anyone?

Eragon does not marry anyone in The Inheritance Cycle, even though plenty of women would love to have a Rider as a husband.

Do Katrina and Roran get married?

Katrina was a villager from Carvahall who was the daughter of Sloan and Ismira, granddaughter of Alden. She joined the Varden and married Roran.

Who does Saphira mate with?

Saphira mated with Fírnen after a courtship ritual. Saphira carried Roran, Katrina, as well as their daughter to Ellesméra and then left Alagaësia with Eragon to rebuild the Dragon Riders.

How old is Roran in Eragon?

Eragon is sixteen years and four months old. Roran is anywhere between seventeen years/eight months and eighteen years and five months.

Does Arya kiss Eragon?

Answer and Explanation: No, Eragon and Arya do not kiss in Inheritance. After King Galbatorix is defeated, they discuss their future together, but they decide that it is...

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