Question: Is Dora married to Diego?

Dora the Explorer doesnt have a boyfriend and Diego Márquez is actually her cousin.

Who is Diego girlfriend?

Alicia Márquez Last appearance Alicia Márquez is a main character from Go, Diego, Go! as well as the series deuteragonist. She did appear Dora the Explorer though she mostly appears in every episode of Go, Diego, Go!.

Does swiper have a crush on Dora?

Swiper has a crush on Dora. He was cadence-trained to drop whatever hes doing and run away if he hears a certain series of syllables; hence, Dora has to say it the same way every episode. His aw, man reaction is because he has to go run away against his will more than that he was caught in the first place.

What did Dora say swiper?

Swiper, no swiping! In Doras Christmas Carol Adventure, saying Swiper, no swiping! does not work when Swiper is stopping his future self because according to Older Dora, after he got on the naughty list, he does not listen, thus making him swipe all he wants no matter what whether everyone likes it or not, it would not have worked for ...

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