Question: Wie viel kostet Wakanim?

Can you watch Wakanim for free?

To start your free trial simply go to, select your plan and click on “start my free trial”. Selecting any of the 3 plans will grant a 14-days free trial.

Does Wakanim cost money?

Register for free and access tons of episodes from your computer. Watch episodes from ongoing anime included in the free offer, one week after their release. Streaming is limited to medium definition (480p) and includes commercials.

Do you need to pay for Wakanim?

WAKANIM is free to individually set the credit price of each Programme.

Wakanim Nordic, in English, is available in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark. Wakanim DE, in German, is available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Is Wakanim legal?

Wakanim.TV, legal and free animation broadcaster!

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