Question: How do I date if I have autism?

Being able to share needs and desires openly is extremely important when dating someone with autism. This can either be verbally during a conversation or in writing by giving them a heartfelt letter. Dont hint at what you want and expect for them to pick up on it.

Who has Aspergers?

Here are seven famous people living with Aspergers.Susan Boyle. Doug Gifford/Getty Images. Courtney Love. Michael Tran/Getty Images. Dan Harmon. Richard Shotwell/AP Photo. Dan Aykroyd. Sarah Hummert/AP Photo. Daryl Hannah. Jacopo Raule/Getty Images. Sir Anthony Hopkins. Mike Marsland/Getty Images. Andy Warhol.Mar 29, 2018

Is it possible for autism to get worse?

Untreated autism spectrum disorder symptoms worsen over time That said, as with any symptom, untreated autism spectrum disorder symptoms will get worse over time.

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