Question: How long does the Green Dot stay on OkCupid?

If you see a solid green dot next to someones name, it means they have logged in within the last 45 minutes. If you see an empty yellow circle next to someones name, it means that they have been online somewhere between 24 hours and 72 hours.

What do the dots mean on OkCupid?

I havent been on OKCupid in years, so this info may be outdated, but they used to display a green/yellow/red dot to indicate whether or not someone usually responds when you initiate contact with them. Most women have red dots because you probably wont get any response from them whatsoever if you send them a message.

How do you know if someone passed you on OKCupid?

How do you know if someone passed you on OkCupid? No, it wont show them your profile if you pass. Your other questions are answered here . You can just reset your likes, or what happened to me was my likes were reset after I deactivated for two weeks.

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