Question: Why Marissa Cooper was killed off?

In a new interview with E!, Barton says she experienced bullying from some of the men on set. That was just part of the complicated reason why Marissa Cooper was ultimately killed off the show.

Why does Marissa Cooper die?

Mischa Barton is sharing her experiences -- good and bad -- on The O.C. The 35-year-old actress spoke frankly about her character, Marissa Coopers, shocking death on season 3 of the show and says that it was her treatment on set that led to the decision.

Why did The O.C. get canceled?

The series premiered with high ratings and was one of the most popular new dramas of the 2003–2004 television season. However, ratings declined as the show went on. The low ratings led to its cancellation in early 2007, even after an online petition that gained over 700,000 signatures.

Why does Ryan sleep in the pool house?

Evidence: When multiple guests from the outside comes into the Cohen home they usually get the pool house thus forcing Ryan to have to sleep on Seths floor or on a living room couch. This is a classic situation that happens in multiple episodes. Those interiors were briefly seen in the pilot episode.

Does the Cohens house burn down?

Until next time, Happy Stalking! Stalk It: The exterior of the Cohen mansion from The O.C. can be found at 6205 Ocean Breeze Drive in Malibu. The home used for interiors and backyard scenes in the pilot was just down the street at 6210 Ocean Breeze, but was, sadly, destroyed in the Woolsey Fire.

Why is Kirsten an alcoholic?

Her true problems began during the second season when she fears that her husband is cheating on her with his old fianceé, Rebecca Bloom. Sandy and Kirstens marriage begins to deteriorate, and she turns to alcohol to compensate. Her alcoholism is fueled by working closely with Carter Buckley, whom she has a crush on.

Is the house from The O.C. real?

According to movie and TV house blog Hooked on Houses, the pilot episode of The O.C. was shot at a real house, but that house wasnt in Orange County — it was in Malibu. That home was used in the backyard shots, while a different house down the street was used for the exterior shots of the Cohen domain.

Does Marissa go back to harbor?

Johnny finally tells Marissa how he really feels. Summer, Seth and Ryan launch a mission-impossible campaign to get Marissa back into Harbor, and Johnny struggles between a friends happiness and his own feelings. Meanwhile, Sandy must make an ethical decision that could change Marissas fate, and Julie Cooper and Dr.

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