Question: How can I measure 3 cm without a ruler?

How can I measure cm without a ruler?

For approximate measuring, you can also use the following equivalences.1 inch (2.5 cm) = the length of the first joint of your index finger.2 inches (5 cm) = the length of your thumb.4 inches (10 cm) = the width of most peoples hands measured across your bottom knuckles (without the thumb)

How do you measure centimeters with your fingers?

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How can I measure 4 cm without a ruler?

Tuesday Tip – How to Measure Without A Ruler1) Dollar Bill. The bill is just shy of being a perfect measure. 2) Credit Card. The average credit card makes a nice sturdy ruler. 3) Quarter. Makes a pretty darn good 1″ measure.4) Paper! We all remember learning as a kid, a regular sheet of paper measures: 5) Your Thumb.May 9, 2017

How much centimeters are there in an inch?

1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm, which is the conversion factor from inches to cm.

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