Question: How much does SilverSingles cost?

A Premium SilverSingles Membership is $24.95 a Month Here is the pricing breakdown for a premium membership on SilverSingles: $24.95 per month for 12 months. $34.95 per month for six months. $44.95 per month for three months.

Is Silver Singles really free?

SilverSingles: Price and Membership Fees The SilverSingles basic membership is free. With a basic package, you can test a SilverSingles membership, with limited access to features and profiles. The basic membership gives you a chance to experience online dating, join the community and view potential profiles.

How much is it to join SilverSingles?

However, the SilverSingles price for premium membership gives you unlimited access to an online singles community looking for real love and companionship. Our current prices are as follows: 12 Months: $24.95. 6 Months: $34.95.

Can you cancel SilverSingles at any time?

If you see Your cancellation is not yet completed, please contact Customer Care to finalize the cancellation. Of course, you are very welcome to contact us at any time, should you require assistance. You can find further information on the cancellation notice period in our Terms and Conditions.

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