Question: How does Are you the one determine perfect matches?

According to showrunners, the series uses science and interviews to figure out someones perfect match. The only place in the house without cameras is the fridge, according to the shows former host.

Do you get paid to be on are you the one?

Another sticking point was the contestants stipends. Apart from the prize money, they were set to receive around $2,400 for their time filming the show. Hannah agreed that the stipend was lorded over them “all the time.” “We got money off for little things,” she said. “Some people left with almost nothing.”

How many possible matches in Are You the One?

= 362,880 possible combinations.

Whats the worst season of Are You the One?

season 5 rated season 5 as the worst season in the shows history, as it has the extremely dubious distinction of being the only season where the cast lost at the final matchup and went home with nothing.

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