Question: How do you know if its a rebound or real love?

Perhaps the most telling difference between a rebound relationship and the real thing is the underlying motivation of the heart. If you are on the rebound, your goal is to make yourself feel better. When a relationship is the real thing, however, the need to feel loved has matured into a yearning to love.

How can you tell the difference between rebound and love?

Rebounds are about feeling loved; the real thing is about wanting to love. Every relationship is a rebound of sorts if it doesnt end in love. Youre either distracting yourself from the pain left from a previous relationship or distracting yourself from the pain that often is everyday life.

How do I know if Im a rebound?

If youre just a rebound, the person youre dating has no intention of keeping you around long-term, he said. Consequently, he or she will make little effort to facilitate emotional bonding. If the relationship seems extremely casual or focused only on sex, its possible youre just a rebound.

Can you fall in love in a rebound relationship?

Yes, gradually, it is possible that you fall in love with your partner in a rebound relationship. You may discover that you have made peace with your past and you are happily living in your present. You have realised that you share a great rapport with your partner and think of him or her as a perfect partner.

How do you break up with a rebound?

How to End a Rebound Relationship Be honest with yourself. End the relationship as soon as possible. Break up in person. Tell the truth, but be kind. Take responsibility. Answer any questions they have. Dont tell them youre going back to your ex. Use clear language so theres no confusion.

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