Question: Are coffee dates bad?

2. Coffee is the least ideal date drink. Provided your date isnt at 7 am when you actually need the coffee, chances are, your afternoon coffee date is just providing an unnecessary caffeine buzz. Unlike alcohol, coffee is not a social lubricant.

How long should a coffee date be?

Most coffee dates will last about an hour or two. At that point, its time to figure out whats next. If you enjoy their company, you can continue the date to food or an activity or plan to pick up a different time. If you dont feel the chemistry, say so gently.

Is going out for drinks considered a date?

Getting drinks, especially as a first date, isnt a bad idea at all — in fact, a recent Hinge study showed that most singles prefer to get drinks on a first date over coffee, lunch, or dinner. You just have to make sure she takes you seriously.

What should a girl wear on a coffee date?

Coffee Date But if youre grabbing coffee you can definitely be more casual. Fun sneakers or booties, jeans and a graphic tee with a jacket are perfect. I also love a good chunky sweater and high waisted jeans with booties. For the summer, choose a flowy summer dress and a sandal.

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