Question: Does Happn work in Dubai?

Happn happens to be available on both du and Etisalat du has blocked Tinder which means your pool of potentials is halved before youve even started...and we dont like those odds. Luckily Happn is still available on both providers... yipee!

What dating apps are used in Dubai?

Badoo. Like Tinder, Badoo is a go-to dating app (and site) for singles all over the world. While the quality of your matches may not be what youll find on Muslima, its a good option if youre only looking for some casual fun in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.

The online dating scene is constantly changing in the UAE, and many dating sites are actually banned. Surprisingly though, Tinder usually works (always with a VPN, sometimes even without one).

Where is happn most popular?

Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The most popular landmark for Happn matches in the world, youre sure to catch the eye of a passerby as you take in the view of this historic monument.

Does anyone actually use happn?

Although I personally say happn is completely safe to use, many have stressed their concerns on the dangers of users being able “to see where they have crossed paths with matches on a map as well as the number of times a potential match has been in the users vicinity.”

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