Question: Why is Mark Williams nickname Choco?

He got the nickname Choco because of his love of Choco Icecreams as a kid.....not because he has dark skin.

Is Choco Williams indigenous?

Although some thought Choco was southern European, and many other believed he was part Aboriginal, Williams cousin Christine Gibson has unravelled the familys history, revealing their great, great grandfather, Thomas Alexander Ferguson, was an Afro-Caribbean born 187 years ago - an orphan of the brutal transatlantic ...

What nationality is Mark Choco Williams?

Mark Williams (Australian footballer, born 1958)Mark WilliamsPersonal informationFull nameMark Melville WilliamsNickname(s)ChocoDate of birth21 August 195821 more rows

Who did Choco Williams play for?

Mark “Choco” Williams needs no introduction. He is a former Australian rules football player and coach. As a player, Williams represented Port Adelaide in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) as well as Collingwood and Brisbane Bears in the Australian Football League (AFL) from the 1980s to the 1990s.

Who is Mark Williams married to?

Diane Williams Mark Williams/Spouse

Is OSullivan still in the snooker?

Ronnie OSullivan. Ronnie OSullivan has pulled out of the Championship League with Mark Joyce replacing the six-times world champion as the last-32 stage begins in Leicester on Monday.

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