Question: Does a bidet get poop on your balls?

No, bidets dont spray poop everywhere when you use them. Bidets use a concentrated stream of water specifically directed to cleanse your backside and genitals. The waste does not get sprayed all over. Think of it as a safe, spotless wash for your butt.

Do you still need to wipe with a bidet?

Technically, you dont need to wipe at all after using a bidet. You can sit and air-dry for a moment. Cheaper varieties dont usually offer this dryer function, so if you dont want to drip dry after using your bidet, you can pat yourself down with a cloth towel, washcloth, or toilet paper.

How long should you let a bidet run?

How long you run the water is a matter of personal preference. Ive found spraying for 20 to 60 seconds is enough to get the job done.

Why does my bidet not get me clean?

If the bidet isnt fully cleaning you, make sure you have it on a high enough pressure setting. Also, check the spray mode youre using and the positioning of the spray wand. A little shift in where the water is hitting could be all you need to get a complete clean.

Are bidet seats sanitary?

Because bidet seats attach to your existing toilet, the mess stays in the bowl. Bidets are unsanitary. Water is more sanitary because it gently cleans the area instead of smearing with toilet paper. Best of all, the nozzles are automatically self-cleaned on all electric Brondell bidet seats!

Is using a bidet sanitary?

Are bidets sanitary? The answer is yes. For the most hygeinic experience, wash with a bidet, then use its drying feature or a small amount of toilet paper to pat the area dry. That way youre not smearing anything around, and your skin will be less irritated by the dry paper.

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