Question: Does Grindr delete banned accounts?

Banned Accounts: Expunged 120 days after banned date. Deleted within seven (7) days after account closure/deletion. Deleted within seven (7) days after account closure/deletion.

What happens when youre banned from Grindr?

Being banned If your Grindr account was banned, then it most likely means you violated our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Were talking about (but not limited to): Illegal Activity (such as selling drugs or sexual solicitation) Spam or advertising.

How do I recover my Grindr account?

Heres how to get back on the app:Open Grindr.Select Forgot Password?.Choose to verify your account with either email OR a phone number (both email & number need to be associated with your Grindr account). If you choose email: Log back into your Grindr profile with your new password. ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you delete Grindr account?

Tap on your Grindr profile. Select the Settings โš™๏ธ icon on the top-left corner. Tap on Deactivate. Select Delete Account.

Can you recover your Grindr account?

Unfortunately, a deleted profile cant be recovered as this is a permanent action. You can, however, create a new profile using the same credentials.

How do I delete my old Grindr account?

Deleting your profileTap on your Grindr profile.Select the Settings โš™๏ธ icon on the top-left corner.Tap on Deactivate.Select Delete Account.Tap a reason for your account deletion.Provide us with some brief feedback (optional).

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