Question: Is it normal to have a FWB?

Being FWB actually can be healthy, she says—if youre careful about it, that is. In fact, for some people, FWB relationships work even better than more traditional monogamous relationships, explains Richmond.

Is it common to have friends with benefits?

And it looks like people are catching on as a new survey by DrEd shows 57 per cent of people admit having had a friends with benefits relationship. According to the survey, which polled 500 Americans and 500 Europeans, women are more likely than men to engage in this type of casual sex.

How long should you keep a FWB?

The key is to end things before they stop being fun, which can be especially tough to gauge when youre getting, like, orgasms. A good rule of thumb is five weeks—just long enough to really master one anothers G-spots but not so long you start to internalize their roommates work schedule.

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