Question: Who dies in LoliRock?

They say that only Gramorr is one character who died in LoliRock, he deserved to suffer due to he did it to Ephedia and other realms, its well done to him, Iris has destroyed him with the help of her friends Talia, Auriana, Lyna and Carissa.

Does Mephisto die in LoliRock?

He was the only character whose weapon has been destroyed for good following Super Cute Kitten. It is unknown what happened to Mephisto in the Season 2 finale when he fell off the cliff after getting hit by Crystal Quinta, though it is strongly implied that he died after the Crystal Quinta exploded a nearby rock.

Who is Iris boyfriend in LoliRock?

Nathaniel Nathaniel is a recurring character in LoliRock, he is Iris boyfriend, a smoothie bars worker and is LoliRocks biggest fan according to himself.

Does Lev die LoliRock?

There, Lev realized that fighting on Gramorrs side was a crucial mistake and join the resistance. In order to let the princesses get back on Earth, he sacrifices his life for Iris, blocking Gramorrs power and letting them pass back.

Does Praxina die?

And about Mephisto and Lev, their status are currently unknown, both are presumed to be dead, maybe they are actually alive, and the Praxina still lives, but with one part of Gramorrs Mask in her face, becoming the most evil character in the story, avenging her same brother Mephisto, and with help of Banes who left ...

Is there any Season 3 of LoliRock?

The Lolirock team has an official tumblr page and youtube channel and on their tumblr, theyve said that unless its stated on either one of these websites, then Season 3 HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED.

When was LoliRock Cancelled?

March 2, 2017 LoliRock/Final episode date

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