Question: Do mermaids eat?

9. What do mermaids eat? It really depends on the mermaid. Most people would simply say “mermaids love seafood!” AKA fish, clams, crabs… Then there are mermaids like me, who say “fish are friends, not food!” Vegetarian, or herbivore mermaids, eat plants like seaweed.

What do mermaids like eating?

In this fairy tale, mermaids eat fish, sea vegetables and a dash of fat (following the Zone Diet, of course), which is how they get their healthy and youthful appearance. As it turns out, seaweed, a primary vegetable in their diet, has numerous health benefits that could help you embrace your inner mermaid.

Do mermaids poop?

Thats its poo! Eventually the poo string will break off and sink to the bottom of the tank and youll clean it out when you change the gravel. Fish wee as well – either through their gills or through a special hole called a urinary pore.

Are mermaids food?

If youre over the unicorn food trend, theres a new mythical creature thats inspiring peoples eating habits: mermaids. Its a good source of protein, iron, and B vitamins, and can be found at health food stores.

Can a mermaid be a human?

Mermaids – underwater creatures that are half fish and half human – do not exist except in peoples imaginations. Scientists who study the ocean for the United States have investigated their possible existence and say no evidence of mermaids has ever been found.

Are mermaids vegetarian?

Maybe some mermaids are vegetarians, maybe some eat fish, maybe some are little kids who survive off of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese? So in conclusion, depending on what type of mermaids you believe in, mermaids can eat anything from seaweed to birds to fish to humans to chicken nuggets.

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