Question: What happened to Los Prisioneros?

In 2003, after they recorded their album titled Los Prisioneros, Jorge González and Claudio Narea had a falling out, resulting in Narea bitterly leaving the band. On February 18, 2006, in Caracas, Venezuela the band performed their last concert. Jorge González moved to Mexico, leaving Tapia and Badilla in Chile.

How old is Jorge Gonzalez Prisioneros?

56 years (December 6, 1964) Jorge González/Age

What genre is Los Prisioneros?

Rock Alternative/Indie Los Prisioneros/Genres

When was Tren al sur made?

May 1990 Tren al sur (Southbound train in english) is the first track from the album Corazones by the Chilean group Los Prisioneros, released by several Chilean radios in May 1990, is one of the best known songs of Chilean group Los Prisioneros.

How tall is the Giant Gonzalez?

2.31 m Jorge González/Height

Where are Los Prisioneros from?

San Miguel, Chile Los Prisioneros/Origin

Why is Prisioneros famous?

Los Prisioneros (The Prisoners) were a Chilean rock/pop band formed in San Miguel, Santiago, Chile in 1979. They are considered one of the most important Chilean bands, and arguably the strongest musical influences that Chile has made to Latin American music.

What genre is Tren al?

Rock Tren Al Sur/Genres

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